If you are looking for soft, breathable, temperature regulating and sustainable knitwear, then merino wool is your best friend! Merino wool is such a versatile fabric, suitable for every season of the year. Yes, for all seasons! After researching and experimenting with merino wool, we've found so many wonderful benefits which we want to share with you.

  • Temperature regulation - This is by far the most unique property of merino wool. Did you know that newborns are having a hard time to regulate their own body temperature during the first months of their life? Merino wool provides amazing insulation and breathability to help newborns regulate their temperature. In warm weather, the merino wool captures body moisture and releases heat, creating a natural cooling system and dry effect on the skin.

  • Moisture management - Unlike other fabrics, like cotton for example, merino wool is able to absorb 30% of its dry weight in water vapor before feeling wet to the touch.

    On colder days, the merino wool keeps the body warm and cozy, while it absorbs body moisture and ventilates it naturally. So, no more secondguessing the comfort level of your baby!

  • UV Protection - Depending on the thickness of the item, merino wool provides up to 50 UPF protection against UV-A and UV-B rays! Of course we are not encouraging to stop using sunscreen, but it's nice to know that merino wool gives an extra layer of protection. How amazing is that?!

  • Hypoallergenic - Our merino wool does not contain harsh chemicals. Also, merino wool naturally repels dust and therefore perfect for people with asthma and/or allergies.

  • Anti-bacterial - Merino wool contains a natural wax called lanolin which helps to fight against bacteria that cause bad smells. Since the wool absorbs moisture and therefore keeps you dry, it doesn't give the bacteria an environment to thrive.

  • Non-itchy - It is extremely soft and non-itchy at all, because the fibres are so fine. They won't irritate the skin or hair follicles. It's so soft, that it makes you want to cuddle the wool!

  • Responsible & durable - Merino wool is not a standaard fabric (as you've noticed by now)! When taking good care of it, garment can last for a long time. Perhaps even a lifetime! As the fibres of merino wool are super strong, they can bend a lot of times without breaking so it can be worn for many seasons!

    In addition, merino wool is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. As we take care about animal welfare, we consciously use mulesing-free merino wool.

There are many more benefits in regards to merino wool, such as fire resistance, wrinkle-free structure and anti-static properties. If you have any questions in regards to merino wool or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by filling in the contact form.